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2nd Engineers Training program for 3rd Engineers

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In connection with expansion of existed fleet by modern high technology gastankers Hartmann Gas Tankers Germany has established a training program for 3rd Engineers with electronicaly controlled ME experience.


Purpose of training

To educate perspective 3rd Engineers to operate and maintain modern ME-C / ME-B main engines with LGI dual-fuel system with consequentive promotion to 2nd Engineer.


Whom are we looking for?

Third Engineer with minimum 9 months experience in the rank

Experience on ME-C or ME-B engines 

2nd Class Engineer Certificate of Competency

Eagerness for selfdevelopment

Menthal readiness to take a role of 2nd Engineer in a foreseen future

Good command of verbal and written English


Applications to be forwarded to

  • Published: 24.08.2022

Gas Engineers Training Program

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E-CREWING LLC in junction with HARTMANN GAS CARRIERS GERMANY GmbH starts the training program for Gas Engineers on LPG / LEG / NH3 gas tankers.

So what do we offer?

The program opens a so desirable door to the world of Gas Tankers. Graduates who will succesfully accomplish the program will be promoted to the position of Gas Engineer and kindly invitated to join warmful family of HGCG.

Whom do we expect to find?

First priority will be given to a candidate with gained practical experience on refrigiration technologies, namely refrigiration engineer from other fleet types as well as with a shore experience on industrial grade relequifaction units.

Then for consideration to participate in program we would like to offer to a third engineers with LPG experience.

And third group of candidates are Pumpmen from tankers other then gas tankers.

What special documents do you need to participate?

In order to join you have to hold standard set of certificates in accordance with STCW and basic training for Gas Tankers.


  • Published: 30.11.2020

Hartmann Reederei expands medical insurance program to full family suit

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Since establishing in far 1981 Hartmann Reederei is well known as family company,carefully built and brought through the years the Company's family traditions are strictly followed and nowadays.


The best reflection of company's human resources management are numerous seafarers dynasties working in the Company and unbeatable retain rate of employees.


Since 1st of October 2018, Hartmann Reederei expands the coverage of Ukrainian employees' medical insurance program to full family suit, including children up to 18 years old. The insurance program was developed in close co-operation with UNIQA, leading insurance company in the sphere of voluntary medical insurance on Ukrainian market.

  • Published: 20.09.2018

E-CREWING attended biggest international shipping expo POSIDONIA 2018

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Posidonia is an international shipping exhibition that takes place every two years in Athens and is the largest meeting place of the Greek shipping industry and experts in international transport. The fair offers direct access to the Greek fleet, as well as to the international industry leaders. National and international exhibitions show the latest innovations in the boat market, and from 2014 also provide spare parts, boat accessories and all services related to the boot sector. This expansion of the exhibition gives it a new direction and offers visitors and participants a huge potential for new contacts, additional business and sales. In addition, Posidonia is not just an exhibition. The accompanying program provides broad conferences, seminars and technical seminars for discussing and discussing current issues, challenges and opportunities in the industry. Posidonia games include the Posidonia Cup sailing regatta, the Posidonia Golf Tournament, the Posidonia Shipsoccer tournament, and Podillia's event to unite and promote the social mix.

  • Published: 30.05.2018

E-CREWING deploys new satellite vessel tracking service - NAVISPOTTER.COM

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E-CREWING proudly announces trial deployment of innovating satellite vessel tracking service. No matter how far is your vessel beyond of terrastial AIS station coverage the updated vessel's position is always on your monitor. Secure and reliable algorithm of data transmission over open internet chanels using SSL technologies widely used in financial sector.

Navispotter brings a Company's logistic to the new heights by knowing how, where and when a vessel will get her destination with computed data based on real-time date read from a vessel's equipment and pre-planned voyage plan.



  • Published: 26.09.2017

E-CREWING become an authorized Liberian Filing Agent

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  • Published: 27.07.2017

GasChem Beluga spotted in Tees Port, UK

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GasChem Beluga, an innovating liquefied ethane carrier designed & operated by our core client Hartmann Reederei was spotted in Teesside on April 27.

The 38.000 cbm LEG-carrier "GasChem Beluga", which features a length of 188.3 meters and a width of 29 meters, is able to operate on HFO, MDO and gas oil as well as LNG and is one of the world’s first to operate on ethane.

A long term time charter has been secured by GasChem Services to the petrochemical manufacturer SABIC Petrochemcials B.V.. As the first of two sister vessels, the LEG-carrier will be used for shipments of Ethane from Houston to SABIC's cracker in Teeside, UK. The second LEG-carrier ("GasChem Orca") is schedued to join its owner and time charterer in the third quarter 2017.

The innovative ECO-STAR design of "GasChem Beluga" sets new standards in environmentally friendly and economic shipping by reduced consumption/emissions and an increased cargo capacity with her newly developed STAR-TRILOBE tanks. The propulsion of the ship is generated by a MAN B&W dual fuel 2-stroke engine, which can operate on different fuels including Ethane and LNG.

  • Published: 29.04.2017

E-CREWING goes social

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E-CREWING goes social! Now You do not need to wait for your E-Mail confirmation. Simply login with your favorite social network. At this stage we implemented login via LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

Moreover, you may share a vacancy with your friends or collegues.


  • Published: 13.04.2017