New application of AHTS fleet invented in U.A.E.

Shipping News

According to The Guardian, UAE will be run out of ground water in the next 15 years  The major source of the fresh water in the area is mostly desalination, and average daily consumtion rate isabout 500 liters of water a day per person. A private company form Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, claims the National Advisor Bureau plans to send a vessel to Antarctida to haul the iceberg nearly ~13 000 kilometers to Fujairah.

–°ompany claims the iceberg can provide enough water for one million people for five years. Moreover, there is a large influx of tourists to the Fujairah region to observe this unusual event.

The idea of towing icebergs is not at all new, this procedure has been used for quite some time by the offshore fleet to prevent the collision of icebergs with drilling platforms in the Arctic regions of Canada.

Published: 12.05.2017