22 Crewmembers are presumed to be lost in recent sinking of the Stellar Daisy

Maritime Accidents

The International Association of Classification Societies is ready to learn from any defects and/or mistakes made in the run up to the recent sinking of the Stellar Daisy (South Korean Ore Carrier). Vessel built in 1993 and classed by the Korean Register, has sunken in the afternoon of 31/03/17 with the presumed 22 lives being lost. Another Polaris's vessel – suffered a crack in its hull a couple of days after the Stellar Daisy sunk urging Polaris to carry out a fleet-wide inspection of its vesels.

IACS does not have sufficient confirmed information to comment or in any way speculate on the cause of the vessel’s tragic loss.  Korean Register and the ship’s registry, the Marshall Islands, are continuing to investigate the case.

The IACS head said that following the investigation it would be important to incorporate any lessons to be learned that could further improve safety and minimise future risk from this type of accident.

The Korean Register has admitted that rule changes could be on the cards following the sinking of the converted ore carrier. Intercargo and the IMO are both pushing for a serious investigation into the accident in which there were just two survivors.

  • Published: 19.04.2017