Gas Engineers Training Program

Agency News

E-CREWING LLC in junction with HARTMANN GAS CARRIERS GERMANY GmbH starts the training program for Gas Engineers on LPG / LEG / NH3 gas tankers.

So what do we offer?

The program opens a so desirable door to the world of Gas Tankers. Graduates who will succesfully accomplish the program will be promoted to the position of Gas Engineer and kindly invitated to join warmful family of HGCG.

Whom do we expect to find?

First priority will be given to a candidate with gained practical experience on refrigiration technologies, namely refrigiration engineer from other fleet types as well as with a shore experience on industrial grade relequifaction units.

Then for consideration to participate in program we would like to offer to a third engineers with LPG experience.

And third group of candidates are Pumpmen from tankers other then gas tankers.

What special documents do you need to participate?

In order to join you have to hold standard set of certificates in accordance with STCW and basic training for Gas Tankers.


  • Published: 30.11.2020