2nd Engineers Training program for 3rd Engineers

Agency News

In connection with expansion of existed fleet by modern high technology gastankers Hartmann Gas Tankers Germany has established a training program for 3rd Engineers with electronicaly controlled ME experience.


Purpose of training

To educate perspective 3rd Engineers to operate and maintain modern ME-C / ME-B main engines with LGI dual-fuel system with consequentive promotion to 2nd Engineer.


Whom are we looking for?

Third Engineer with minimum 9 months experience in the rank

Experience on ME-C or ME-B engines 

2nd Class Engineer Certificate of Competency

Eagerness for selfdevelopment

Menthal readiness to take a role of 2nd Engineer in a foreseen future

Good command of verbal and written English


Applications to be forwarded to info@e-crewing.net

  • Published: 24.08.2022