Frequently asked questions


Why registration is so complicated?

The case is that we do mind about your privacy, seaman's CV contains a lot of sensitive information which needs to be protected from foreign eyes. The price you pay is the insignificant inconvenience while registering in our service. We put a lot of efforts to protect your data and will continue to develop security of our service.

I was automatically logged out

For the security of your personal data your user's session will be automatically loged out after 30 minutes idling.

SMS Confirmation

Confirmation of your mobile number is not compulsory, however users who confirmed their number have better ranking in output list, their profile is marked as verified so they do have an advantage in the sight of an employer against not verified profiles.

Confirmation E-Mail does not come

If you don't see a confirmation message in your e-mail inbox, please firstly check all of the folders, including a spam-box. Normally it takes from couple of seconds to 10-15 minutes to get a confirmation mail received depending on mail server you use. In case the E-Mail hasn't come after the mentioned period of time, kindly apply to our support service and we will resolve the problem.

Activation link is unclickable

Most of the mail clients as well as web mail services do recognise a link within an e-mail and convert them into clickable one, however there are still some programs and web mail services which unable to do so. In such a case the activation link will be displayed as a plain text. If you will experience the above then simply copy the link (for instance ( and paste it into the address bar of your browser & press enter. Here you are! The account has been activated.

I forgot my password

In case you forgot a password you have to open login window and follow "Forgot Password" link, you will be redirected to password recovery page where you'll be prompted for the e-mail adress you used when registering in our service. Upon typing your e-mail adress click "Password retrieval" button. The link to reset your password will be sent to your mail box. By following the link you'll be redirected to the page where you may enter the new password.

About Services
My profile has high rating however with a time number of reviews getting low

Every profile has a "decaying", so since your last visit the system starts to count number of days you were attending your profile. Than more days that higher negative coefficient of the profile rating. Upon reaching 6 months period profile turns inactive and will be removed from output list. After another 6 months profile will be erased from the system. What is the background of this procedure? The reason is to keep catalogue free of unsupported profiles, which will hamper active job seekers to find desired job. 

Who sees my Application and personal data?

Your personal data is rendered in restricted form sufficicient for estimation of your qualification and fitness for a certain vacancy. In case an employer has confirmed his intention to choose your candidacy he'll be provided also with contact details.

Why some of my certificates changed color?

In normal conditions all your certificates are displayed with white background, however whenever expiration date come closer then 6 month your certificate becomes green, when it is 3 to 1 month to expiration a certificate changing it's backround color to yellow and finally when certificate is due it turns red. It is advised to keep all required certificates up-to-date as well as their scanned copies as such do affect decision making of a potential employer when choosing among candidates.

What is profile strength?

Profile stregth is actual ranking of your profile. It takes into account fillment of your profile, photo, validation of contact phone, sea service and other factors. Than higher the strenth of your profile, then closer your profile to the beginning of output list.

What is the mission of our service?

Our mission is to provide a professional ground for seafarers (job seekers) and Companies (employers) to entire mutual satisfaction of both parties. The architecture of our service is based on the principle "VENI VIDI VICI". For a seaman it work in the following way: REGISTER=>FIND=>APPLY=>JOIN, for companies the way is similar REGISTER=>FIND=>SELECT=>HIRE. You will not find here any annoing advertising, flashing banners, whatsoever disturbing from job / candidacy seeking.

What is a year plan?

Year plan is function called for convenience of both parties, e.g. whenever a seafarer sets his vacation period his candidacy will be shown for vacancies which are outside of his vacation period. For employers it helps to save significant time choosing among candidates which are ready to join.

General Issues
When my profile will start participate in ratings?

Every candidate who had comleted his profile and confirmed user's agreement immediately added into output list and become visible to a potential employer. Kindly note that incomleted profiles are not visible to an employer!

Who sees my Application and personal data?

Your personal info is stored within the heavily encrypted database, and delivered to an Employer in the limited form sufficient to estimate your qualification and fitness to a certain vacancy. Every employer has monthly limit on number of profiles he may open. Therefore only after real intention to consider you as a candidate full style profile will be available for review.

How to reduce data traffic while on on board?

Appart of home where internet data delivered at flat rates, usage of internet on board has several limitations such as data speed and costs. We considered this aspect as well! In order to reduce your costs for satelitte internet data we do recommend to use mobile or tablet PCs. All data consuming features (like videos, animations, whatsoever) are off in mobile version of our web application, notwithstanding with the above all working functional is completely saved.

Moderation of profiles

Kindly be advised that incomplete profiles, profiles without photo will be deactivated and consequently removed from the output list. The same is applicable for intentional dublication of profiles and/or inappropriete entries into profile, such occurences will lead to a permanent ban without appeal. The reason of such severe policy is the policy of our resource. We do perform validation on the both sides (companies and seafarers) in order to render high level services to job seekers and employers, qualified candidates for employers and relieble vacancies for seafarers vice versa.  Thank you for understanding co-operation.

Application Strength

The Application Strength is a rating of your application in output list. So profiles with better ranking have better output position. The score based on filling of fields, seagoing experience and many other factors. Nevertheless in no case it should thought that profiles with smaller experience will have worser rating. The hierarchy and logic of our filters is build in a such way that profiles with the same rating but different experience coefficient are rated the same way.

Year Plan

The year plan is the period set by a seafarer which is supposed to be vacational period. So our filters take into account this preferences of a job seeker and outputting results in accordance with the setting.

For Companies
How to increase efficiency of posted vacancy?

We do offer numerous tools to increase efficiency and coverage of a posted vacancy. For this please refer to Vacancy Booster tab in the lower part of a vacancy window. Furthermore we would recommend to use sharing buttons to spread your vacancy in social networks.

Officers Matrix

Our service is the only service rendering filtered search in accordance with OCIMF officer matrix criterias. So at the end you get duly distilled list of candidates entirely satisfying requirements of Oil Majors.

Candidates in Applicants tab

Besides candidates filtered by a vacancy's criteria listed in "Suitable Candidates" list you have another panel in the right part of the screen named "Applicants". So who are these candidates and why they listed in the separate list. Applicants tab displays candidates who had already reviewed your vacancy, agree with it's conditions and would like to pretend for this openning.

Re-posting of vacancies

Re-posting a vacancy has never been easier. One of our numerous innovating features which is proudly invented and implemented in code is fleet management. Post your vacancies just in a few clicks! Register to see more...

Denial to provide services

We do care about reputation of our service, therefore a company without the national license and MLC 2006 certification and compliance with above mentioned convention will be rejected at the stage of registration. Furthermore E-CREWING.NET reserves right to suspend subscription of a company blamed in disobeyonce of above mentioned convention as well as for posting fake vacancies. Disobeyonce means, but not limited to: agency fee for any services rendered connected with recruiting, employment of underaged seafarers, "black listing", etc. 

Landing Page

By registering in our service you get a proper landing page where you may reflect all advantages of your company, it's mission and vision, history, requirements, etc. Show it on the map, reveal photos and more...